My car insurance renewal….

Hello guys, Today I had the misfortune of having to shop online for car insurance, why is it always so daunting? I do the same thing each year, I get a renewal notice from my current insurers telling me that my insurance is due for renew and they give me a price on the letter, which may I add, is always more than what I can actually find using a few websites…

I found a few decent sites for quotations, one site that brags about finding you the cheapest car insurance guaranteed also come to my attention, sure, I gave them a visit and filled out a quote form, to my amazement, it actually spat out a cheaper quote than all the other well known insurance comparison sites… it was around 25% cheaper than my current insurers renewal price so obviously, I switched and it wasn’t that difficult, a quick phone call (I prefer to talk to someone over the phone rather to purchase online, but there was an option to purchase the policy online there and then..) I spoke to the call center lady, who was very helpful actually and paid for my new policy over  the telephone with my debit card, it was a breeze, the only thing I needed to send in to them was my no claims bonus proof, which was conveniently sent to me with my renewal notice.

The new insurers I switched to was eSure, They seemed pretty well established, the only thing I did notice was they don’t provide e-documents so I have to wait for my actual insurance certificate to arrive in the post, which isn’t a big deal.

Anyway, I encourage everyone to browse a little online when you’re searching for insurances’, it doesn’t have to be for long and it will save you money.

Until my next post! Ciao!


So it’s a Saturday, what to do?

Hey guys, and so the working week has ended and the recovery period has begun, not much of a recovery period though, I make it 38 hours until it’s back to work, how depressing is that  haha, anyway, topic of today is what to do on a Saturday?

With the cold weather outside, going to the south end wouldn’t be wise, I’m blogging now with a cup of instant coffee, my partner is still in bed catching up on some much needed sleep and our kitten is annoying me so much, she is literally trying to eat my PC speaker wires which is not fun believe me.

Currently, I’m working on a product at work and the deadline is Tuesday, I’m almost done, just waiting on some work which was delegated to come back complete and then it’s business as usual but why the hell am I talking about work on a Saturday!

I’ll most probably stay in today though, if I’m being honest, there’s not much I actually want or need to do today apart from mope around the house in my tracky bottoms.

Peace ya’ll


Hello People of Britain!

Hello guys, This is my first post to you all!

I am a landlord, I have a substantial amount of rented properties in my portfolio, therefore it is quite a headache to scour the web for decent landlord insurance for my properties, hence the domain name I’ve selected hehe :), I will be noting down my trials and tribulations of  an everyday landlord and what us landlords have to deal with on a daily basis, which to be fair, isn’t very much hehe, Normally watch homes under the hammer every day during the week with a nice cuppa to hand, but things do happen, I promise not to disappoint!

Anyway, Insurance renewals are nearly due, I will be posting about where are the “go to” places to get a good deal.