Landlords insurance

When looking for landlords insurance as a landlord you obviously want to save money so you can maximize your profits and receive a ROI (return on investment) there’s no other more important reason, with our specialised panel of landlord insurance providers you can do just that! Saving you more so you can earn more on your investments in the long term.landlords insurance

There are many different types on landlords insurance policies, some cover you for the very basic of scenarios whereas others cover you for vacant properties, even providing you with a whopping 3 to 6 months monthly rent straight into your bank if the property is vacant, so for all you landlords that have taken out a ‘Buy to Let mortgage’ and depend on the rental income to pay for the mortgage, this will benefit you in a great deal as some landlords insurance providers pay you guaranteed rent for 6 months so you can take a breath and worry about finding a tenant instead of worrying about finding a tenant AND keeping up with the mortgage repayments, this is a very nice bonus and is all part and parcel of our landlords insurance policies that we have on our panel.

Good Landlords insurance

Having good landlords insurance is vital to becoming a successful landlord, clever landlords always expect the un-expected and make sure they have the cover they need, it’s a tricky business managing more than one property and landlords insurance does just that, covering you day and night, 365 days a year.

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